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Promotion Period 23 March 2023 - 7 May 2023

Customers who purchase online travel insurance policies are entitled to one lucky draw chance per new policy.


John purchased an online travel insurance policy on 2 APR 2023, and later bought another online travel insurance policy on 2 May 2023. 

How many luck draw chances does John have??

Answer: 1 + 1 = total of 2 chances


6 winners

$500 e-voucher – choose from Sioumazang Yakiniku, Kagoshima Yakiniku, or Ohya BBQ

40 winners

$100 e-voucher – choose from 7-11 or FamilyMart

1. Promotion period is 27 March 2023 - 5 May 2023.  Each person is limited to one prize from each prize category.

2. Period of travel for online direct travel insurance policy purchased must be within promotion period.  Policy premium must be fully paid, and policy must not be surrendered or prematurely terminated in order to be eligible for the promotion.

3. Our Company shall conduct the raffle draw electronically before 26 May 2023.  Results will be published on Allianz Taiwan Life News Updates webpage within 30 days of the draw, and winners will also be notified through their membership registered email.

4. Winners are required to reply with the prize acknowledgement form within 14 days of raffle draw results publication.  Late replies shall be deemed as forfeiture of prizes.

5. E-vouchers will be sent to winners' membership registered email 30 days after raffle draw results publication.  Please ensure your registered email is functional.

6. Participants (including legal guardians of minors) of this promotion shall be deemed as consenting to terms and conditions of the promotion, and fully understanding and consenting to the following:

- Our Company may, for the purpose of this promotion, in accordance to relevant personal data protection regulations, collect, process, and use personal data of the participants within the borders of Taiwan in electronic or paper form within the time period agreed by the participants. However, our Company shall not use the participants' personal data for marketing purposes without the consent of the participants.  Participants are free to choose whether to provide full personal data, however participants with inadequate data will not be able to participate in this promotion.

7. Our Company shall not be liable for any loss, error, illegibility, or damage of the information sent, filled, or registered by the participants due to electronic, network, telephony, technical, or other incidents not attributable to our Company.

8. Our Company has the right to review the raffle results for evidence of fraudulent activity.  Our Company has the right to withdraw prizes from or refuse participation to persons with intents of forgery, fraud, or other dishonest purposes.

9. Identification of winners shall be based on the ID card number corresponding to the e-mail address in our Company's records (or filled in or registered by the participants). Winners shall provide proper photocopies of ID card for our Company's verification before prize collection.

10. Prizes shall only be delivered to addresses within Taiwan.  If winners fail to provide a domestic delivery address within the prize collection period, our Company will cancel the prize award.

11. Winners who do not collect prizes within stipulated period, are uncontactable due to incomplete or incorrect info, or refuse income tax withholding vouchers shall be deemed as forfeiting the prize awards.

12. Prizes may not be changed, transferred, or converted to cash.

13. The prizes of this promotion shall be based on the actual objects. The photos and drawings on the website are for illustrative purposes only, and no colour change is allowed.  In case of shortages or unforeseen circumstances, our Company reserves the right to substitute prizes with other equivalent items.

14. In accordance with tax regulations, if the winner is an individual residing in Taiwan and the accumulated value of prizes exceeds $1000, our Company will issue an income tax withholding voucher to the winner for the following year. If the value of prizes reaches $20,000 (inclusive), the winner shall pay 10% chance-based games and prizes tax before receiving the prize award. If the winner is an individual who is not a resident of Taiwan (i.e., a native or a foreigner who has lived in Taiwan for less than 183 days), regardless of the value of the prizes, the winner first withholds 20% of the chance-based games and prizes tax before receiving the prize award, and our Company will also issue an income tax withholding voucher in accordance to tax regulations. Failure to pay the taxes payable in accordance with the regulations shall be deemed as disqualification of prize awards.  Any tax payable by the participants for participating in this activity is the obligation of the participants and not related to our Company.  If the aforesaid tax laws and regulations are updated or changed, the amended provisions shall apply.

15. Our Company is not the manufacturer or supplier of prizes, and has no agency or partnership relationship with the manufacturer or supplier of various prizes or services.  Warranty period of the prizes in this promotion is subject to the actual supplier at time of manufacture.  Any disputes arising from the prizes, services, or warranty is not be related to our Company.

16. Our Company reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the relevant contents of this promotion, and may notify the participants through public announcements. Any matters not covered herein shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions or clarifications of our Company.  In the event of disputes, the Chinese language term and conditions shall take precedence.