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Recruitment of internal staff

How to Apply
Allianz Life Taiwan sincerely invites you to join the Allianz Elite team to create an outstanding future together. You can apply for a job vacancy in our company through the following methods. In order to let us contact you as soon as possible, we recommend that you submit your resume through the Recruitment Website so we can prioritize your submission.
  • Send resume by E-mail
    Please remember to indicate the position you are applying for and send your personal resume by E-mail to the following email address::
Company benefits
Regarding the salary system, the company establishes an internally fair and externally competitive salary structure based on credible job evaluation and salary survey data. In each performance appraisal, both employees’ work performance and organizational business strategies are considered, and salaries are adjusted appropriately so that the employees can receive colleagues can receive reasonable remuneration and feel motivated.
In order to better care for our employees, in addition to providing employee benefits that are superior to the Labor Standards Act, the company also gives recognition and rewards to colleagues for their outstanding performance in various ways.
  • Five-day workweek.
  • Additional special leave and paid sick leave more generous than required by the Labor Standards Act.
  • Volunteer Leave.
  • Wedding money gift, funeral condolence fund contribution.
  • Education expense assistances, scholarships and travel subsidies for employee children.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Health check subsidy and health check leave. 
  • Stress relief massage service.
  • Nursing room.
  • Health consultation and health promotion activities. 
  • Club activities.
  • Labor insurance, health insurance.
  • Group insurance (employer can offset the compensation for occupational accidents)
  • 提供完整的教育訓練體系。
  • 各項教育費用與保險專業考試補助。 
  • 暢通的升遷管道。
  • 合理公平的薪資結構。
  • 端午、中秋節金/禮品。
  • 購買公司商品優惠。
Training and development
  • 以員工在職技能的需求規劃課程。
  • 具功能性的訓練課程,包括核保、理賠處理、電腦應用、商品及 業務行銷。
  • 遴選具發展潛力之中高階級主管,派送至安聯集團總部慕尼黑接受三個月至一年 期的短期技術訓練。
  • 所有管理階層均接受全面性的管理才能發展課程。
  • 管理才能課程包括:領導與激勵、溝通協調及問題解決。
  • 由安聯管理協會在新加坡及德國舉辦的海外管理訓練課程。
  • 為期兩年的密集培訓計劃,募集亞洲具發展潛力的初階經理人才。
  • 對象鎖定在產業及學術界出色的年輕專業人才。
  • 全球安聯據點均具海外工作及專案機會以供指派。