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  Allianz Life Taiwan not only continually deep-plows the “Junior Football” concept and provide opportunities for young footballers to receive the best football training, in order to lay the foundation for Taiwan football, it also started holding the “Allianz Junior World Cup” since 2014 that is specifically for children in kindergarten and elementary school. This has already become the largest toddler football event after two years, actively cultivating new blood for the development of grassroot football in Taiwan.

    In order to raise the care and attention of the public for elderlies with dementia, since 2006, Allianz Life Taiwan started collaborating with the Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia to raise money together for elderlies with dementia, and invited the actor Ann Lang to be the spokesperson for the “Using love to complete memories” silver hair LOHAS series public welfare activities; all the funds raised were used to take care of low income elderlies with dementia and dementia knowledge promotion. Over the years, more than NTD $50 million were raised and more than 12,000 donors participated passionately; to date, 24-hour care have been provided for nearly 100 dementia patients, and meal delivery as well as home services were provided for more than 820 elderlies who are living alone.

    In 2007, not only was the “Silver hair LOHAS camp junior college service camp team selection and dispatch activity” held to allow more disadvantaged elderlies feel the warmth and care of young students, the “Silver hair LOHAS photography competition and provincial touring photography exhibition” was also held to encourage the public to take photos of the elderlies’ LOHAS side to preserve beautiful memories and reproduce their values of life.

    In 2008, performer Dennis Nieh and his son were invited to be the spokesperson of the “Connect love, connect memory” public welfare activity, hoping that parents can play the role of sandwiches in their families to lead their children into caring for their grandparents, connecting the relationship between children and grandparents. Within a short 5 months, a historic high of funds were raised at over NTD $7.2 million that grew by 39%. Allianz Life Taiwan also purchased vans for the St. Joseph Home for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia, providing convenient transportation tools for these elderlies with limited mobility; it also provided daily care for low income elderlies with dementia and meal delivery services for elderlies with dementia who are living alone.

    In 2009, Allianz Life Taiwan collaborated with the Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia and zeusfilm and held the “Memory of Tomorrow” charity event film festival in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, hoping to use videos to awaken the public’s understanding of dementia and their care for dementia patients.

    Feeling the tendency of dementia patients becoming younger and younger, Allianz Life Taiwan started pushing the “prevention is better than cure” concept for brain health, and started pushing the importance and fun of “using your brains more and walking more” in 2012 and held the “Walk together” activity. In 2013, the “sweetheart anchor” Smire Weng was invited to push the dementia prevention concept to the public, which called over 2,500 people to participate in the activity. In 2014, the new generation “otaku idol” Yu-pin Lin encouraged the public to download the “My Health Diary” APP to perform self-health management to reduce the risk of getting dementia; in 2017, the goddess Tiffany Ann Hsu was the spokesperson for the activity and encouraged salespeople to enroll in the “Chronic disease self-management course leader training program” to become the first batch of corporate seed lecturers; and in 2018, the happy mommy Sonia Sui took over with love. 


    Child care is an important index for civilized societies and welfare countries, and it is also a vision that current societies are all in pursuit of. In order to express concern for children’s social welfare, Allianz Life Taiwan started investing in a series of children’s public welfare activities since 2009; during this period, not only did it encourage its employees to participate and become volunteers, it also actively raised funds for disease prevention and treatment for vulnerable children in rural areas including children who are mentally handicapped or have developmental delays.

    From 2009~2011, in order to raise the public’s attention to the social welfare of vulnerable children and to raise funds for early treatment and education, Allianz Life Taiwan held love bazaars for three years consecutively and raised almost NTD $700 thousand for the Canlove Social Service Association and the Taiwan Association of Child Development and Early Intervention to help indigenous vulnerable children prevent development delay and mood disorders, benefiting the social welfare of vulnerable children.


    In 2010, on the day before the anniversary of the Morakot storm, Allianz Life Taiwan mobilized corporate volunteers to go to the disaster area of Alishan to provide services, and cooperated with the public welfare group “Canlove Social Service Association” and “Alishan Elementary & Junior High School” to launch the “Sunshine youth, fearless face-Alibaba Dreamland Summer Camp” activity. The international vocalist who is known as the pride of Tsou, Fenmei NiaHosa, was specially invited to return to Taiwan from Germany to be the choir conductor for this activity, using artistic and healing choruses to help the children at the disaster area face the storm disaster again and prevent early-onset depression in children. 

    In 2011, in view of the fact that “art therapy” has been widely used in mental, emotional and functional therapies in recent years, the operations of Allianz children public welfare issues also used “art” as the spindle; it even cooperated with “Canlove Social Service Association” to recruit company employees to form the African drum volunteer club, and held 2 street charity fund raising performances at the streets of the Xinyi business district. It also used the life of aboriginal children as the theme of stories to design and create emotional guide picture books exclusively for children, hoping to use the positive energy brought by the music and picture books to encourage and help children with development delay and mentally handicapped children to actively face a bright future.


    The Allianz Group established the Allianz Environmental Protection Foundation in 1990, aiming to promote various innovative inventions, to motivate outstanding achievements and to implement concrete and innovative plans.

    In order to promote the sustainability of the planet and awaken the public’s attention to for environmental protection, Allianz Life Taiwan further held the “symbiosis with the earth” environmental protection experience day in 2009. Almost 60 colleagues arrived at the Tzu Chi Neihu Park environmental recycling station where a sister from Tzu Chi showed them around the environmental protection theme pavilion, then they rolled up their sleeves and experienced the recycling jobs of papers, electrical appliances, plastic bags and bottles themselves.

    Allianz Life Taiwan has been successful in its promotion of a healthy workplace, and was awarded the “Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace” by the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2019.

Sustainable Operation
    The Allianz Group upholds the purpose of caring for the physical and mental health of young people, and also to cultivate the next generation of backbone for the World Cup, it started launching the “Allianz Junior World Cup Recruitment” activity together with its top partner FC Bayern München, sending 14-16 teenagers to receive special training from the youth team coach. It has accumulatively sent almost 300 teenagers from 30 countries to participate over the last seven years.
    Allianz Life Taiwan also started holding the “Allianz Junior World Cup Recruitment” activity since 2012 where 2 teenagers were able to participate in this event each year, and go to Munich, Germany to participate in the 6-day football summer camp. Not only can they compete skills with youths that came from all over the world and receive professional training from European powerhouse coaches, they even have the chance to meet the star players of the 2014 World Cup champion German national team up close, and watch the home game of the European football giant Bayern Munich team.

    The Allianz Group adheres to the practice and feedback of corporate social responsibility, and actively engages in various social participations and actions; as for its efforts on sustainable operation, it has won the Benchmark Enterprise Award of the “Dow Jones Sustainability Index” for 16 consecutive years.

    Upholding the concept of “taking from society, using on society”, the Allianz Group participates in public welfare activities hoping to contribute to the society. Through the operations of many of its foundations, it cares about issues such as the European integration, youth issues and environmental protection etc. In 2008 it even established the corporate social responsibility (CSR) team to actually push cultural and social activities and implement social responsibilities, further creating sustainable values for the community.

    In Taiwan, Allianz Life Taiwan believes that insurance is a “love and caring” business; not only does it protect individuals, it is also a considerate long-term business. That’s why it actively participates in social public welfare activities and give back to the society, hoping that love and care and use us as the center to continually expand outwards, helping more disadvantaged people in the society.


    The Allianz Arena is located in Munich and was officially opened in May of 2005; it is also the home of two famous Munich football clubs: Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich.

    The design of the Allianz Arena represents an innovation in the definition of football fields. It was designed by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron; it has a diamond-shaped translucent shell with smooth appearances with many colors projected onto it, giving the entire building an almost magical illusion. There are three terraces in the arena that can accommodate 66,000 spectators; the spectators not only can view the game up close, achieving the desired participation effects, they also ensured the comfort of modern stadiums.

    Allianz started cooperating with the International Paralympic Committee and the German Disabled Sports Association since 2006, and sponsored various Paralympics Games all over the world to express its support and encouragement for people with physical disabilities. In 2012, Allianz Life Taiwan even sponsored the travel insurance and food supplement for the Chinese Taipei Paralympics team, and filmed the first short documentary film on handicapped athletes in Taiwan “persevere and there will be power”, calling people to cheer for the Paralympic athletes!