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Allianz Life

Company Introduction


  Allianz Life Taiwan had excellent operating performances in recent years; it displayed its proud corporate competitiveness over and over again in the fiercely competitive financial life insurance industry using its outstanding professional talents, comprehensive marketing channels and diversified commodity platform. 

  Allianz Life Taiwan is a member of the Allianz Group; it was established in 1995 and it is one of the leading brands and innovators of investment linked policies in Taiwan’s life insurance market. It upholds the idea of customer first to provide customers with innovative products and satisfying services.

  Allianz has international insurance experiences and rich group resources; it is committed to diversified channel development and to provide a wide range of life insurance products according to customer needs, including services such as: life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance, and to provide customers with the most comprehensive and complete protection. 

  Allianz Life Taiwan has first-class actuarial teams and was the first to introduce advanced insurance concepts and products from Europe and America; it actively establishes investment linked policy R&D architectures and investment platforms, and continually launches products that lead the industry. It is one of the leading brands and innovator of investment linked policies in the Taiwan market. The complete and diverse investment targets and flexible payments and protections provide integrated solutions to grasp the world’s financial pulse, truly satisfying the customer’s life planning at different stages.
  Financial technology (FinTech) subverted traditional financial service models; “Comprehensive development of digitalization” is an important global operation strategy for the Allianz Group. Allianz actively invests in FinTech and devotes all of its resources in the development of prospective and iconic digital tools. It was the first to create the customer need oriented anthropomorphic interactive need analysis that not only satisfied customer’s protection needs, but it also helped its salespeople transform successfully in the FinTech wave, and trained them into professional and highly efficient digital life insurance consultants, winning opportunities for success in the digital technology era and displaying irreplaceable competitiveness!

  Allianz Life Taiwan cooperates with over 50 well-known fund companies and provides over 900 featured investment targets; it has the most complete investment platform in the industry.

  • Complete regions – Various major economies and emerging markets in America, Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia etc., scattering the regional investment risks.

  • Complete currencies – In addition to New Taiwan Dollar, there are also diverse selections including US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar etc.

  • Complete types – Equity funds, bond funds, ETF, government bonds, target funds, fund of funds, fixed-income target etc. to strengthen asset allocation.

  Allianz Life Taiwan has comprehensive marketing channels to provide the most convenient, most immediate and most flexible insurance methods based on the customer’s actual needs.

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2015.03 The 20th anniversary of Allianz Life Taiwan in Taiwan
2011.06 Taipei headquarters moved to the Xinyi Project Area
2009.08 “Brand new look‧Sincere and Practical” The 10th anniversary of Allianz in Taiwan and the official opening of the policyholder service center
2007.07 Rebranded to Allianz Life Taiwan and officially became a member of the Allianz Group
2006.11 Started cooperating with the Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia to raise money for poor elderlies with dementia, and invest in activities such as dementia knowledge promotion.
2004.08 Taipei headquarters moved to the Gate One Building on Minquan East Road.
2003.08 Exclusive sponsorship to the filming and broadcasting of the international adoption documentary “My Parents”
2002.10 Became number one on the sales of investment linked policy products for the first time, and became a leading brand in investment linked products.
1999.09 Rebranded to Allianz President Life Insurance Company.
1995.03 President Life Insurance Co., Ltd. started operation.