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Allianz Life

Sales Elite

Allianz Life Taiwan sincerely invites you to join the Allianz business channel elite team to create a brilliant future together; you can apply for vacancies in the company using the following methods.
  • E-mail resume
    Please remember to specify the post you are applying for and send your personal resume by E-mail to the following address
  • Your personal resume
  • Work place survey form (Download the form)
  • E-mail address:AGrecruit@allianz.com.tw

Job type: Domestic business personnel

Job content:

  1. Sales and services of insurance products
  2. Business promotion, product marketing, customer retention and customer development.
  3. Complete educational training provided.
  4. Assist customers in comprehensive family protection planning, develop potential customers, propose professional assessment of risks and related financial planning.
  5. Provide customers with the best insurance product planning, establish customer personal risk protection and provide diversified investment linked insurance products.
  6. Assist customers in personal and family risk planning.
  7. Personal risk planning.
  8. Investment linked policy sales.
  9. Retirement policy planning.
  10. Create high-income opportunities.
  1. Provides complete educational training.
  2. Smooth promotion pipeline.
High flexibility, good transparency and can make people feel safe and satisfied; you have to take a look at such a great product! 
At Allianz Life Taiwan, you are not only a salesperson for insurance, you are also a promoter that will change the customer’s life!

Starting Allianz’s new digital era

The digitalization of networks has developed to mobilization; standing in the InsurTech wave, Allianz Life Taiwan invested heavily to build the world’s first flagship digital tool “Allianz Discover”; through interactive viewing…

Join Allianz to create dreams together

Do you hear the dream calling? Allianz Life Taiwan is finding people who aren’t afraid to dream! Allianz allows us to become closer to each other and closer to our dreams; let’s go together! Decide now 

Join Allianz Life Taiwan to challenge self-achievements

Some people say that it is easy being a salesperson for insurance, but in fact it is not that simple! As a salesperson for insurance, you have to be ready at any time and place to serve all kinds of customers…

A shortcut to your dream

“What is the shortcut to your dream? For me, it might not necessarily be the closest road”… Baow Lin Allianz Life Taiwan’s 2013 new brand image advertising spokesperson Baow Lin, gold medalist in the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics…

Cycling around the island

“Sending love over thousands of miles, wheel spinning in Taiwan” cycling around the island turned into a love delivery convoy! Inheriting the 125 years of history of the Allianz Group in Germany, Allianz Life Taiwan was successful deep-plowing in Taiwan; in celebration of October 10th and to continue implementing the promise of rooting in Taiwan…

Magnify your dreams

At the noisy Shilin MRT station, an unexpected proposal, the protagonists, workers, choir, minister, passerby… no one knew in advance. The planning and waiting accomplished the most realistic instant! Isn’t it the same to magnify your dreams?