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Allianz Life


Change your way of thinking to decide the outcome

Join the Allianz family

The insurance industry is currently facing great changes – what is urgently needed now is to change the way of thinking and the willingness to create new paths. 

Seize opportunities and march forward fearlessly are the keys for us to face different challenges every day. Various trends and waves such as digitalization, climate changes and demographic changes are changing our industry and making us reconsider our business. With your joining, we will have the courage to face challenges together. We truly pay attention to customer’s needs and is committed to becoming the promoter to change customer’s lives. Therefore, we are looking for talents who are willing to join us in the industrial revolution.

With our strong and powerful teams as backup, you will be able to ignite a series of changes in your salary. In our friendly and reliable working environment, you will be full of confidence – believe that even if tradition is used as the foundation, innovations will still occur. Our mission is to create a home for you, allowing you to exert your best work performance and have the best career development.

We are looking for those who can seize opportunities, march forward fearlessly and dare to challenge the status quo – people who can make good on their promises, value team work and lead to innovations. What we value is your professionalism and your organizational compatibility with the Allianz Group; let us fight together to achieve the corporate culture with the best teams and performances together.